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MS Windows or Linux Mint?

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Microsoft Windows!

     Most computers and laptops have a type of Microsoft Windows, (including 95,lapwin 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), often they need recofiguring to perform well on any specific machine for any specific requirements. Proper reconfiguring will make your computer system work better.  A legal copy of Windows 10 pro can be obtained for about £25 {depends on exchange rate!}

    Linux Mint - "It's not Windows!"


The continuing use of any old computer (even recent ones) may not need the installation of latest version of MS-Windows, thelm20 lapmintmachine may not be cabable of using the latest system but don't just throw it away and buy a new PC. If a computer is used for office tasks, or photographic storage, Internet access etc, it may be decided to employ a linux Free Operating system (Mint looks and feels just like Windows!). Because of the technique used it employs it requires significantly less resource than some other operating systems, this means that on older light weight machine it can compete with new high spec. computers. Additionally, it is not as susptable to computer viruses and doesn't nees a virus guard (MS defender) which slows down it's running of programmes.

It includes Libre Office which is fully compatible with other office systems, Shotwell which is a photographic management system, Firefox or Chrome web-browsers, Gimp a powerfull graphic handling suite, Thunderbird an email client and RhythmBox a music playing system which can syncronise to you iPod also it can be used to download music from the Internet As it is linux based an antivirus system is not demanded but to avoid an emailed virus passing through your PC, various Linux based free AV systems may be employed.  This software is comes with a GPLv3 license, which in makes it use totally free to use even for businesses. The new edition  {ver 20.1,} was issued in Jan 2021 after months of multiple testing. It even runs reasonably with just 2Gb RAM, which is the maximum available on some small notebook computers {HP Steam 11 or Samsung N150}, however to a more powerful Laptop/Desktop the performance is exceptional.

Unlike earlier versions of Linux, it automatically allows the use of most WiFi cards and printers {the only exceptions are those that are designed "Windows Only"}, although there is usually a work round even there!