Improve or repair your Computer/Laptop

Would you like your computer to run FASTER? Rather than have the expensive of buying a new computer it's possible we could improve your current machine for a lot less - increasing the Memory often improves the speed, as does replacing a traditional hard disk with  a solid state drive. This will reduce the machine's noise and power consumption {especially important for a laptop as the battery will last longer}, and Solid State Drives have a longer life expectancy that Hard Disks - no moving parts.

Brocken components can often be replaced extending the life expectancy of computers/laptops. Cleaning the Windows operating system also often improves the machine so that replacement can be delayed as it now works much better than before.

    • Only £25 per hour + parts - work done on your site/home to ensure it works fully to you requirements.
    • Only £84 + parts = half day (4hours)
    • £160 + parts = full day (8 hours), longer work can be negotiated.
    • These prices can be combined at the lowest rate so 6 hours is £84 + £42  (£126 instead of £134)
    • Remote repairs only £20 hr
    • Emergency Repairs - Price Negotiable