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Every business no matter how small requires a Web presence, whether you are an Electrician, a shop keeper or a trainer your potential customers look at your internet site first.
Design and maintenance of a bespoke Website to advertise your business on the Internet, help with setting up through an Internet Service Provider will be given. As most Internet users now use a mobile device (phone/taplet/iPad) it is essential that your site looks as good on these small devices as it does on a traditional PC or iMac.

Preparation of a simple but robust web site is undertaken from a price of £50. they are all prepared using the latest stable version of Joomla!, which is one of the worlds leading Content Management Systems.

The Website is professionally written, so that all current and most historical browsers - Internet Explorer v9+, Firefox v 2+, Opera v2+, Safari, Chrome, can read them   cleanly - although obviously some features, like sound are only available in browsers that have that capability. 

A VirtualMart database  enables either eSelling, Controlled user access to the site whilst operators can make changes to the website. In fact your website/app can be made to do a whole host of operations for you.

HTML5 Logocss3New websites are compiled under the specifications of the current web standards - HTML5 & CSS3. These are validated using the W3C validation system. Excising websites can be re-written to follow the current specifications where possible. 
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